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Enjoy these spirits and mixers at participating venues throughout Brighton Cocktail Week.


Alipús was set up in 1999 to support rural economies and social development in Oaxaca, and is today one of the world’s best-loved mezcals, preserving traditional artisanal methods and the communities built around them. In 2012 Alipús teamed up with Chapingo Autonomous University and began Proyecto Maguey, a conservation project leading the way in agave preservation and diversity.

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Blackdown Distillery

With roots dating back to 1985, Blackdown Distillery is the oldest distillery in Sussex and are proud to be the creators of the original Sussex Dry Gin. Set amongst the beautiful surroundings of Blackdown in Petworth, the multi award-winning collection of spirits owe their extraordinary depth of flavour to a curated blend of botanicals carefully selected by our founder distillers, including their signature botanicals of Silver Birch sap, Juniper, Pine, Sage, Bay, Wormwood & Angelica root all ​which are harvested from the 40 acres of ancient woodlands on the distillery estate and from around the world to create a cornucopia collection of spirits.


Campari has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure when it comes to aperitifs. The intense aroma and inspiring flavour creates a captivating and unique drinking experience. These are the values that have made the Campari brand famous throughout the world as an icon of passionate Italian style and excellence.

The Duppy Share

The Duppy Share is named after Duppies, the rum-loving, mischievous Caribbean spirits that swoop between the distilleries stealing the best of the rum – the rum they steal is known as The Duppy Share. The Duppy Share is a perfectly balanced, award-winning blend of premium rums from Jamaica and Barbados with no added sugar, colour or flavouring. A bold 3-year-old, 100% pot still Jamaican Rum (Worthy Park) packs tropical fruit flavours up front, followed by a smooth 5-year-old Barbadian rum (Foursquare Distillery), giving a warm, buttery finish.


An award-winning range of products from the 200-year-old Avadis Distillery, infused with Riesling wines from the 275-year-old Zilliken winery. Ferdinand’s owes its name to the Prussian District Forester, Ferdinand Geltz, who also co-founded the VDP Mosel Saar Ruwer Zilliken estate, one of Germany’s finest vineyards.

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Joseph Cartron

Joseph Cartron has been a family run business since 1882, with strong roots in the town of Nuits-Saint-Georges at the heart of Burgundy’s cru vineyards. The soil of this region has been producing high quality fruit for centuries, which for many years have been used in the production of Burgundy wines. Cartron specialises in the production of liqueurs, crèmes, ratafia, marc, eaux-de-vie, with a team of craftsmen using age old recipes.

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Every German masterpiece contains equal parts precision and inspiration. Bold, yet balanced, our herbal liqueur is no different. Blending 56 botanicals, our ice-cold shot has always been embraced by those who take originality to the next level.


Whatever your occasion, the first drink matters, so start with a chilled Pedrino over ice, it’s the perfect spritz, every time. Inspired by the effortless chic of the discerning Mediterranean tourist, we’ve raided the drinks cabinets of Spain, Portugal and Italy to bring you a trio of refreshingly original, terrace-ready spritzers.

Whitley Neill

Whitley Neill is an award-winning distiller and family with a passion for crafting spirits since 1762. Their range of craft gins and vodkas include pink grapefruit, ginger, rhubard and quince.


Bacardi is the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world. Originally known for its eponymous Bacardi white rum, it now has a portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels.

Black Cow vodka

Whey has historically been the problem child of the dairy industry. There is an excess produced in the cheese making process. Black Cow take this under-valued by-product and turn it into a superior premium vodka. They take great pride in their economical use of nature's bounty.

Dead Man's Fingers

The Rum & Crab Shack St Ives bring you Dead Man’s Fingers, Cornwall’s newest, small batch, spiced rum. 

A Caribbean rum blended with spices which warms the cockles, stirs the soul and sets you up fair for whatever the wind blows in. 

Think saffron cake, Pedro X ice-cream, caramel and vanilla with cinnamon, nutmeg and orange notes. You’ll feel blessed by the touch of this deadly combination.

Evan Williams

Evan Williams is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky by the Heaven Hill company. The product is aged for a minimum of four years. It has been ranked as one of the world's best selling whiskey brands.


Unlike other London Dry Gins available today, Hayman's True English London Dry Gin is distilled to a 150 year old family recipe using a traditional two-day process. Steeping the long-standing family recipe of just ten botanicals in English wheat spirit for a full day before distillation creates a fresh, bright and classically balanced gin with crisp citrus, subtle notes of exotic spice and the remarkable depth and complexity traditionally associated with the London Dry style.

Kraken Rum

AS IT IS TOLD, The Kraken Rum is an imported rum from the Caribbean blended with secret spices. Named for the sea beast of myth and legend, The KRAKEN RUM is strong, rich, black and smooth.

Les Vergers Boiron

Les Vergers Boiron, a family adventure established in 1942 and today the brand of reference for anyone looking for that one-stop fruit solution. Ten absolutely must-taste flavours of ambient purées, 100% natural with unrivalled fruit content, no added flavourings, preservatives or artificial colourings. No need to freeze, just mix, serve up and enjoy; and what’s more, they last up to eight days once opened, with zero compromise and 100% taste perfection. Delicious drinks in just a few seconds…

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The Real McCoy

Our multi-award winning collection of rum is produced in honour of Bill McCoy using his Prohibition Tradition®. In January of 1920, McCoy was the first to fill a boat with alcohol in the Caribbean, sail it up to New York City, and legally act as a floating liquor store three miles off shore. The rum is completely unadulterated -- there are no added sugars, flavors or perfumes – and we use only the finest blackstrap molasses and pure spring water. The rums are small batch single-distilled in a rare artisan combination of column and pot stills, then authentically aged in heavy char American Oak bourbon barrels for a full 3, 5 or 12 years.


Right in the heart of the Caribbean lies the Dominican Republic, the first permanent European settlement in the Americas. In 1929 Julián Barceló, born in Mallorca (Spain) immigrated to the Dominican Republic and the following year founded Barceló & Company, following his dream of producing one of the best rums on the island.

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Cargo Cult

Cargo Cult is a spiced rum made with Oceanian sugarcane. A blend of rums from Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, this works particularly well in a long drink with either coconut water, ginger beer or cola.


Discarded is a new sweet vermouth from William Grant & Sons which builds on the sustainability movement gaining momentum in the drinks industry. The vermouth is infused with cascara, the deep red berry of the coffee plant leftover from coffee production and usually wasted. On the nose, Discarded Sweet Cascara Vermouth is deep, rich and aromatic with an easy natural warmth. The taste is full and sweet, the indulgent fruity notes merge with the characteristic bitter notes of Vermouth which dominate the clean, lingering finish. Best served straight over ice, long with tonic for instant refreshment. For an interesting new dimension in a classic mix in a Negroni, Boulevardier or a Manhattan cocktail.


Fentimans have been making natural botanical drinks for over 100 years. Their artisanal drinks are brewed for 7 days using the time-honoured botanical brewing process. The result is a superior drink that tastes simply delicious.

Havana Club

Havana Club is a brand of rum created in Cuba in 1934, and now one of the best-selling rum brands in the world. Originally produced in Cardenas, Cuba by family-owned Jose Arechabala S.A., the brand was nationalised after the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Since 1994 it has been produced in Cuba and sold globally.

Koskenkorva vodka

A very high quality clear vodka from Koskenkorva in Finland. Distilled over 250 times (no not an error), this is produced from glacier water and barley from the distillery's own fields, resulting in an exceedingly pure vodka.

Nelson’s Distillery & School 

Nelson's are a young, innovative distillery based in Staffordshire, producing high quality, unique spirits by hand. Always striving to create novel flavour combinations whilst staying true to the history and integrity of British gin, we have also just launched our Rum collection! Invoke childhood nostalgia with our IWSC Award winner, Rhubarb & Custard gin. Be transported to the Nepalese mountains with our ground-breaking, Michelin-recommended Timur Pepper gin. And, try a sweet taste of the Caribbean with our new Signature and Roasted Pineapple rums.


Tuaca is an enticing blend of Italian Brandy, Mediterranean Citrus and Vanilla Spice. It has a storied history with a recipe that remains much the same as when it helped fuel the Italian Renaissance. Tuaca is a fine spirit with subtle notes of vanilla and citrus, hints of butterscotch, cola, dried fig and other flavors that reveal themselves uniquely to each individual drinker. The result is a complex and versatile flavor that can be enjoyed chilled or used to bring new life to your favorite cocktail.

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